Get the body you deserve. 

Creator and owner of Smithpro Fitness, Mike Smith, started the company in 1986. It was his love and passion for bodybuilding that sparked the idea. He wanted a way to help others transform their bodies and help them to achieve a healthier lifestyle.

At an early age Mike was always involved in sports. At the age of 13, his father bought him his first set of weights which sparked in interest in strength training. From there, at the age of 16, Mike joined Nautilus Gym, where he learned training theories by founder Arthur Jones. Because of his experiences with Arthur, it lead Mike to meet Mike Mentzer, his mentor at age 22. Mentzer taught Mike productive exercise science, and the true meaning of logic and reason in training.  

Mike has been influenced by some of the top bodybuilders, but has infused his own style to make faster and lasting results for everyone. Mike likes to call his training style “A to Z”, which means whatever your fitness goals are he can help! Wether it be strength training, bodybuilding, toning, weight loss, or functional fitness, Mike has the tools to help you reach your goals!